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App Features

The mobile application combines a number of features that makes it stand-out. An All-in-One app that serves every purpose, situation and circumistance. Make sure to check out regularly as we are in continuous integration, development and improvement to the app.


Get most covid-19 related news from the trusted sources.

Localized with 5 Languages

Use the app with your language of preferences as it supports English, Arabic, Amharic, Afaan Oromoo and Tigrigna.

Myth Busters

By fighting fake news and label myths that has been trending the world lately.


You are able to report cases, over-sales, violations and more. You can also track your report status

Questions & Answers

Get many frequently asked questions regarding the covid-19 virus. If you have more questions, you can also ask!

Positive Actions

Track a collection of creative activities, kind acts, and healthy habits. You can also add what you have got for others.


Best way to find donation centers and know what is actually in
high demand.

Realtime Data

Get the latest realtime data such as announcements without refreshing the app.

Positive Actions

Immerse into a collection of inspiring actions

Spread Positive Change, Not COVID-19

  • Save lives by staying home and limiting contact.
  • Find inspiration in the ideas .
  • Click "I did this!" to be counted
  • Build good habits: come back tomorrow and do it again.

Have an idea for a productive, positive, healthy way to spend time while isolating at home? You can share your positive action through the app.

Inspired and Collaborated with a project of Isolating Together


Report what you are witnessing

Your honest report is vital in the fight againg the covid-19 pandemic

You can directly call to more than 10 phonelines. There is also a way to report through the app and you can track the status of your report afterwards.

All your reports and activites are secured and only available to the health officials.


Donations and Efficent Supplies Management

Facilitate donation and let donators know what is actually needed.

  • Donation centers navigation
  • Most demanded supplies in each centers
  • Accept donation registrations
  • Track nearby donation centers
Future Plans

Future Plans

We are in a continious development, integration and improvement of the App. We are working hard to add more feature such as:

  • Volunteerism
  • Contact Tracing
  • Danger Zone Alert

Your support and collaboration will make a difference to combat the epidemic.

The Team

We are passionate developers in Ethiopia. We strive to bring changes and make impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Language

    The application supports The Amharic, Afaan Oromoo, Tigrigna, Arabic and English languages. This includes all the sections. However, we are working constantly to add more local Ethiopian languages as well as global locales.


We would like to give a huge thanks to our partners who have been with us all the way from the start till now. Their services, mentorships and advices make us to build this amazing app.

This application is a tailored, customizable, central platform that can be used by Governments, Health Institutions, NGO's and Task Forces to any pandemic. We welcome your partnership to work together and reach out us in the contact below.


Feel free to ask questions, inquiries, concerns or potential collaboration with our team.
Use our email or . You can also give us a call at +251910896772 or +251944130250.

Give us Feedbacks

We built this tool in record time, so we ask for your feedback and patience so that we can refine it and it make it a great tool for everyone. We want to ensure we are doing our very best in helping those that are in need during this tragic time in humanity

Your feedbacks are highly appreciated! Please tell us any bugs, what you have got from the app or any features to add by filling this form: